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Mission-driven design leader with experience building products for startups & large organizations.

Hi, my name is Gabe! I'm currently serving as the Head of Design at Canopy where we're building a new recommendation architecture for a better internet. In the past, I've led design for companies like Google, Facebook, and Automatic, among others. My focus on exploring problems over solutions has led me to industries like social good, emerging technologies, and smart hardware.

I'm energized by exploring new mediums — whether it's virtual reality, artificial intelligence, or connected cars — to explore how design and technology can be leveraged to enact behavior change. In my spare time, I enjoy finding opportunities to empower diverse perspectives, practice mentorship, and engage with the broader design community.

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Reducing unnecessary violent encounters between law enforcement and at-risk communities through VR training.

Facebook 360

Exploring the future of media in Facebook's first Virtual Reality app; a place to discover and enjoy 360 photos and videos on Gear VR.

Multi-Post Stories

Experimental content creation feature that allows users to add to an existing story over the course of a day without spamming their friends.


A smart assistant to make driving more safe, efficient, and fun by unlocking the most expensive computer you own: your car.



Public speaking is my attempt to engage in an open dialogue with the design industry by inviting new perspectives into the fold. I enjoy speaking about designing for emerging technologies, ethics, and product thinking.

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