Hi, my name is Gabe.

I'm a Cuban designer based in New York City, currently serving as the Head of Design at Canopy where we're building a new recommendation architecture for a better internet.

Prior to that, I managed a design and research team at Alphabet's Jigsaw, an incubator focused on building technology-agnostic products for at-risk communities. Before Jigsaw, I worked at Google Daydream and Facebook, where I led design on a variety of products including Pages, Photos, and Virtual Reality.

In 2012 I became the first designer at Automatic, a connected car startup that combined hardware and software to create a smart driving assistant. Together we worked on all aspects of the in-car experience, marketing, and mobile apps.

I'm energized by exploring new mediums and industries — from social good to emerging technologies and smart hardware — to learn how design and technology can be leveraged to enact positive behavior change.

In my spare time, I try to empower diverse perspectives, practice mentorship, and engage with the broader design community. I believe that knowledge should be shared, questioned, and amplified in order to create new opportunities for others to do the same.

Beyond building  products at scale that people love, I enjoy traveling and learning from other cultures, writing and speaking about design, challenging the paradigms that create vicious consumer cycles, and embracing a beginner's mind.



Public speaking is my attempt to engage in an open dialogue with the design industry by inviting new perspectives into the fold. I enjoy speaking about designing for emerging technologies, ethics, and product thinking.

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