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Hello, my name is Gabe.

I'm a Cuban designer currently based in New York City. In the past I've lived in San Francisco, London, Los Angeles, Florida, and Costa Rica. This background enables me to provide a unique perspective when tackling problems through design.

My focus on exploring problems over solutions has led me to industries like social good, emerging technologies, and smart hardware. I'm currently serving as the Head of Design at Canopy where we're building a new recommendation architecture for a better internet. In the past, I've led design for companies like Google, Facebook, and Automatic, among others.

I'm energized by exploring new mediums — whether it's virtual reality, artificial intelligence, or connected cars — to explore how design and technology can be leveraged to enact behavior change. In my spare time, I enjoy finding opportunities to empower diverse perspectives, practice mentorship, and engage with the broader design community.

Beyond building  products at scale that people love, I enjoy writing and speaking about design publicly, challenging the paradigms that create vicious consumer cycles, and embracing a beginner's mind.



Public speaking is my attempt to engage in an open dialogue with the design industry by inviting new perspectives into the fold. I enjoy speaking about designing for emerging technologies, ethics, and product thinking.

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I've collected a few case studies that describe my process when thinking through problems and some of the iterations we explored along the way.


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I love meeting new people and hearing about what they're passionate. Whether you're an aspiring designer looking to make a friend or just curious to connect, hit me up!